Chain, Chain, Chain

I remember, a long time ago in a galaxy far, far away, when I could not do Mohawk Turns.  I smile indulgently when I think of those times.  My poor timid Former Self.  I called the Mohawk my nemesis and feared I would never be able to do one EVER.   Yes, I said my “Former” Self.  My Current Total Boss Self can  now do Mohawks a  pretty easily.  I admit that they aren’t the SMOOTHEST Mohawks you’ve ever seen, but I do them, and I do them every freaking time.

Now I am starting to work on stringing them together.  First, I do a front-to-back turn, followed by a back-to-front, so I am essentially turning completely around while still moving forward on my skates.  The goal is for my upper body to turn around in a single, unbroken motion, while my legs and skates are doing all the complicated lifting and opening and placing heel-to-heel required. Yeah, I KNOW it’s cool.

Once I master a complete turn on my skates, I will chain them together so I will be able to move across the rink while turning around.  Sweet!  This week, though, I’ll just be working on putting those Mohawks together into one glorious turn.  The shouts of glee you hear echoing from Glendale will let you know when I get it right.


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One Response to Chain, Chain, Chain

  1. This sounds incredibly complicated, and I can’t wait to see how you do it.

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