Yesterday was  a fantastic day.  Class was tremendously fun and gratifying.  The right push-off I was struggling with just suddenly clicked, and I am now able to push off with enough power to go all the way across the rink.  No balance problems at all.   I did it and suddenly my whole body said “Yup. That’s how this is done.”  I love when I suddenly get a skill like that.

Physical knowledge is acquired in a vastly different way than the intellectual knowledge. it doesn’t feel as if I am “learning” it so much as becoming it.  I intellectually  knew how to do a push-off long before I could actually DO it.  Knowing mentally is part of knowing physically, but only a small part.  I don’t just know how to do push-off–I have to keep practicing push-offs until I literally become a person who can do them.

This morning, I worked on outside edges, my new nemesis.  Definite progress happened.  I can feel it–I can feel myself becoming a person who can do them once again.  I’m not that person yet, but I am becoming that person.

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