Surprised By Competence

Interesting practice yesterday.  I had been doing push-off after push-off, still chasing that elusive right outside curve.  I am doing better with it, but the progress is slow. After about an hour of struggling with that, I thought “Well, I better do some backwards skating, because I promised Big D I would.”

I was going around the rink, still grouchily mulling over my outside edge conundrum, when I noticed something.  I was skating backwards.  Not only was I skating backwards, but I was doing it smoothly, changing my weight perfectly AND I was going fast.  Whoa, where did THAT come from?  Was I really that fabulous backwards-skating person with the insouciant air? I was.

I guess my obsession with this one stumbling block had blinded me a bit  to the work I was doing in other areas.  I was spending so much time thinking about what I wasn’t doing and what I wanted to be doing in the future, that I had forgotten to notice what I was doing RIGHT NOW.  And what I was doing was learning and mastering new skills.

So, I made real forward progress…while going backwards.


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One Response to Surprised By Competence

  1. Looking forward to hearing how this Saturday’s class goes — your progress is inspirational.

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