Order in the Court

Image  I have had a couple of practices and I can report that things are getting better.  That outside edge is closer to re-entering my skating lexicon. The trouble with having to relearn something that I already knew is that it is doubly frustrating.  In my heart of hearts, I think I should be able to do edges as well as I did before I had my bearings cleaned.  There is an evil muttering-personal-attacks-under-its-breath Judgemonster part of me that resents that I don’t. “You just knew this and now you DON’T?” it mutters.  “Pathetic. You are getting worse and not better.” It hisses. “That eight-year-old is a million times better than you. ” It sneers.

Because of the invective Judgemonster hurls at me, any every minute I take to get back to where I was felt like I was wasting valuable time. Thinking like that, though, at makes any progress I make not enough.  Way to cheat myself of feeling like I am accomplishing something, Judgemonster.

Nothing helps solve skating problems like the wisdom of other skaters and I got some great advice from the peeps at the Skatelog Forum.  One of the best pieces of advice was to skate curves while on on both skates (which is really easy) and to really pay attention to my balance and positions and lean while I did so. Once I was doing that smoothly, I had to slowly transfer my weight to one foot, so I was now skating an outside edge.  It was not starting at the beginning and working from there, but starting at the side and easing into it.  It was a good way of kind of sneaking up on the task.

Since I was doing a “new” thing and not just trying the same “push off to an outside edge” move I had been failing at, there was no peep out of  Judgemonster. Sweet. I hate that nasty sonofabitch.

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