Momentum Is Your Friend

I drove through incredibly dense fog this morning to get to the rink by 8.  It made everything ghostly and wonderful.  Headlights would suddenly loom up at me from the mist . Without the familiar line of stores and stucco apartment buildings and auto repair shops visible along the street, the whole landscape looked different. The rink, of course was wonderful in its own way–grungy and workaday.

Still working on that right foot.  We practiced push-offs onto the right skate and then gliding until I just stopped.  As you no doubt remember from all of the science classes you took in school (or if you have ever, you know,  ridden a bike) momentum helps balance.  The slower I was moving, the harder it was to balance on that leg.  I am happy to say that I can now get halfway across the rink on one push and although it is not BIG progress, it IS progress, so yay, me!

No practice this week, as I am temporarily moving from eight wheels to two.  Mr. Red and I are taking a motorcycle trip around Arizona, and I will be too busy snuggling up behind Mr. Red and taking in the scenery to get online.

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