A Confession

This is the time of year when diet books and diet articles and diet shows and diet ads blanket the media landscape.  I ain’t gonna lie–I myself am planning a gradual de-pudgifying over the next few months, so I understand the impulse.

In the past, I would probably say I was dieting to “be healthy” and not because I want to be thinner, due to body-acceptance-vanity-is-bad-personal-empowerment-societal-pressure-sucks-not-an-object-of-the-male-gaze-self-esteem stuff. You know.  The thing is, I can’t really say that anymore.  Because I skate and that keeps me active and is making me healthier all by itself.   I am moving and active and sweating and all that wonderful stuff. My last physical showed great results all along the board.

So skating made me healthy and being healthy forces me to make this admission to all of you.    I now want to be healthy and wear a slightly smaller size of jeans.  There, I said it.


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2 Responses to A Confession

  1. Anonymous says:

    You’re my favorite redhead. Hands down. No matter what size jeans you wear… there, I said it!

  2. katy KMA says:

    It works for me. I am and will continue to “de-pudgify” for skating. First the dress is basically a swim suit with a very short skirt, second i want to be healthier.

    It works I have gone from a very tight 14 to a comfy 8 (all old Navy jeans) really cool. I have not really lost much weight, but still have down sized.

    Good luck.


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