What I Got Today

There is more than one coach at my rink.  One of them is an older gent who has white hair and the sweetest smile ever.  Just a lovely man.  On the rink, though, his avuncular air evaporates and he is tougher than any drill sergeant.  I’ve seen him working with skaters and nothing gets by him–NOTHING. I’ll call him Frosty.


After my class with Big D this morning, Frosty came over as I was leaving and said “I saw you working on those dances.  You really looked good.”  This, my friends, is one totally fantastic Christmas present. I am still smiling.

I hope your holidays, no matter what you believe, are full of great food, good friends and plenty of those  little joys which show up at unexpected moments and make you smile.

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3 Responses to What I Got Today

  1. You brought a tear to my yellow jaundiced eye.

  2. L. Crampton says:

    Same to you, Red! Hmmm. What the other back-blogger comments, though, has me reconsidering breakfast tomorrow . . . maybe I’ll sit at a different table . . . .

  3. katy KMA says:

    Doesn’t that feel good? I am continually amazed at how good the rare “good job” from my speed coach feels. Especially if I am the only recipient in the group.

    The texts I get from my dance/figure coach after practice telling me I am doing a good job, or she is really happy with my progress. . .

    Hmm that praise feels so good.

    Really I think it is about the work you do, you put out you will improve.

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