Learning Something Way Cool Is Way Cool

I love backwards cross-cutting.  It’s the move when you skate backwards and are on one skate, while pulling the other skate across, so it doesn’t really even look like skating.  It doesn’t even seem like it should work. It’s magical. This clip shows the move–although it doesn’t make it look nearly as gorgeously kick-ass as it actually is.

We worked on this over the weekend and for the first time I actually did it! It involves some  split-second switching of weight from skate to skate, which makes it feel dangerous and exciting.  Well, dangerous to ME–The kids I see FLYING around the rink all the time don’t seem to think it is anything but fun.  I am sure once I get it down it’ll feel more like fun and less like a death-defying maneuver.

I can’t wait to go practice it today.

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One Response to Learning Something Way Cool Is Way Cool

  1. L. Crampton says:

    Beautiful! Makes me wish I were closer to a rink. Sorta. (Lazy??)

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