Stop Thinking

I have learned the steps to the first two dances well enough so that Big D no longer has to  say them along with me as I do them.  “Step, progressive, glide and cross”  and all the other combinations are seared into my brain.

Now that he is freed from talking about steps, the exciting new world of form and technique has opened up.  It’s not just about picking up the left foot on that beat, it’s about exactly where the toe is pointed when you do so–as well as the other leg, your torso, your arms and even your eyes.  Yes, even your eyes.  Now, I have not learned most of the many, many competitive dances, but I can promise you from the vehemence with which Big D implores me to stop doing it, looking down at your feet  is not allowed in ANY of them.

You can see from the photo that Ginger has truly taken this advice to heart.

Big D is endlessly patient with me, as the week I took off for Thanksgiving  seems to have destroyed my ability to balance on one skate for any length of time. I did a little work on it last week, but I need more.  MUCH MUCH MORE.

My homework this week is to wear my skates at home and just practice standing on each of them.  That’s it. The more time I put into this, the better I should be when I go in to practice on Thursday.  Also, watching me stand around in various one-legged arrangements of my lower limbs will amuse Mr. Red and the dogs, so it’s a win/win.

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