Backwards on One Foot

Backwards skating used to be my worst thing.  Well, at least my most ungainly thing.  I would get stiff-kneed and slooooooowly lurch backwards with my arms held out like Frankenstein’s and a terrified expression on my face.  It was humorous, I’m sure, but not pretty. And not very useful, either.  After much practice, I can zip around smoothly and speedily backwards…..

As long as I pretty much stay on both skates.  When I try to glide on one one foot, fear takes over again.  I can’t hold up one foot for more than a sliver of a second.  Since keeping both skates on the rink is emphatically NOT a part of dancing on skates, this is, um, a problem.  I can now do the first part of a one-foot Mohawk turn like a freaking pro, but when I end up on the other skate going backwards, Frankenstein is back.  Not good.

Big D suggested that I get into the proper position to balance on one skate–with a an invisible straight line down from shoulder to hip to knee to ankle, and then look at myself in a mirror.  Instead of trying to work from the inside out, I am going to try to work from the outside in.

Since Mr. Red is in Miami staying a fancy Hotel in South Beach (it’s a tough job, but someone’s gotta do it)  this week, I am going to practice this at home tonight.  Once I become the Great Empress of Balancing, I may even add some backward motion in there, but I don’t have room for more that a foot or two, so it’s mostly going to be me stacking myself, Jenga-like, over my wheels and staying there.

Tomorrow I get back on the rink and see if my work while not moving transfers to my work while moving.  I have high hopes that it will.

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4 Responses to Backwards on One Foot

  1. Be very careful, Red! I don’t want to return home to find you all Jenga-ed on the floor. I’m sure that you’ll conquer this challenge, as you do all others.

  2. Melinda says:

    I’m pretty hopeless (I could fall over standing still on both feet) and thanks to the exercises in this book I now only fall over while moving:

  3. katy KMA says:

    It used to be if I even thought about gong backwards I would get that terrified look, and be very un-graceful. THANK GOD for friends who will patiently hold you in a dance position and go around and around while you get used to it. Oh and a random coach who might have showed me this trick.


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