When I got to the rink yesterday  , there were the normal  small amount of skaters practicing, getting lessons, and goofing around. By the time I changed and got my skates laced up, the rink was empty.  This almost never happens.

I  got on the rink and went for it.  No tricks,  no practicing, no figures, nope, not for me.  I just skated around faster and faster and it felt GREAT.  Until the next lesson started, about 10 minutes later,  I just put one skate ahead of the other and I flew.

That’s the thing about skating which I don’t write about when I am trying to describe mastering a skill or puzzling out what it all means.  The thing is, IT’S REALLY FREAKING FUN. The feeling of gliding along on wheels is pure pleasure.  It’s like walking, but you get to go really fast and the wheels make a fabulous whirring sound and it’s fantastic. That’s why we have done it for over a century, dontchya think?

Over Thanksgiving my mom told me a story about my first skates. To show the three of us kids how they worked (this was back when they clipped onto your shoes and you had a skate key), she and my dad put them on and skated for us.  They went up and down the sidewalk with us following behind, a little family parade.  “You were asking to try them yourselves, but we didn’t want to take them off because we were having so much fun.  We gave them to you, and you loved them right away.”

When people ask me “Why roller skating?” I think that’s what I am going to answer from now on.   “Because it’s really fun.”

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4 Responses to Flying

  1. Have I mentioned recently how much fun you are?

  2. I remember when I went nearly every Saturday night to the rink; it was a blast and met lots of folks I would not have otherwise.

  3. katy KMA says:

    the only day i don’t skate is Friday. This is because my Saturday lesson is at 7am. but it is a fight to stay away from the rink. Im already trying to rationalize, if i take a nap this afternoon, and tomorrow afternoon… maybe it would be ok?

    • I KNOW! It’s been crazy busy at work this last couple of weeks and I have only been able to get to the rink a few days. It makes me cranky. This whole “earning a living” thing is such a drag on my skating time.

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