I’m a Fast Woman

Back at the rink, and I am going places.  While I was away, my skates went to the spa.  They had their wheels taken off and the all-important (Bones Red) bearings taken out and washed and then gently put back in and covered with some sort of emollient.  Their trucks were adjusted and the pivot pins reset.

What all this means is that they are smokin’.  The feel is really smooth.  And the extra spin means I get more speed on each push.  Turning is suddenly one quazillion times easier.  I used to have to really push my weight onto the outside of my skate to get an edge and now I just have to think “Say, wouldn’t it be splendid to curve right.” and off I go, like a curving thing which curves in a curvy way.

You know what this means?  That’s right, it means I suddenly suck again at stuff I WAS ALREADY GOOD AT.  I have to relearn everything on these new faster skates.  You know what THAT means?  It means I am really excited and can’t wait to skate, skate, skate. Once I learn how to work with the newly speedy and responsive skates I now own,  I am going to be pretty smokin’ myself.

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4 Responses to I’m a Fast Woman

  1. Didi Sinclair says:

    You already ARE, smokin’, Bink!!!

  2. katy KMA says:

    I am cleaning bearing, tuning skates etc on Sunday. I have three sets of 8mm bearings to clean and four of 7mm bearings. I do not know how. I used to just buy new bearings. Now I am going to learn.

  3. Rick Donaldson says:

    Hi Ladies, Just want you to know that the best way to get bearings really clean the way Red describes is to use an ultrasonic cleaning machine like jewlers use. You can’t get all the super tiny dirt and dust particles out from the races (the grooves the ball bearing ride in) effectively any other way. rick

  4. That’s why I have the rink do them. I know I couldn’t do a great job on my own (plus I think I would get way too much “assistance” from my two cats).

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