I went to the rink on Sunday.  I was all decked out in my professional skating togs (old yoga pants and a zip-up sweatshirt–yeah, I was stylin’), excited and ready to roll and–the rink was closed.  Dark, empty and locked.  I spent a few minute staring disconsolately through the windows and then left.  Several of the coaches are off in Brazil, so I assume that’s why the rink wasn’t open for practice.

Then, as if that wasn’t enough, I had to stay late at my office the last two days, due to the company needing me to do all kinds of work.  Work, when I needed to skate!  What kind of crazy priorities do these people have, I ask you?

Tomorrow, if all goes well, tomorrow, THERE WILL BE BLOOD, I mean SKATING. Oh, yes.

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4 Responses to Waiting…..

  1. katy KMA says:

    I get very cranky if I have to miss a practice. My family and friends have learned to schedule things/events around skating.

    It keeps me sane.

  2. I hope that the rink is open this evening, and that you have a fantastic practice. And then come home.

  3. It is, I will, and of COURSE I’m coming home–aren’t you making dinner?

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