Where the Hell Was I?

No blog for a week? What is up with that kind of shenanigans? I mean, really.

Well, I was in gorgeous autumnal Minneapolis for a week for business and just got back last night.  I worked hard, ate amazing food and enjoyed the hell out of the cool people I work with.  I did not, however, skate.

I saw lots of these:

But none of these:

Tomorrow is my first time back on wheels  after a week away.  I will let you know how rough things are. I am not expecting to be fantastic, but I may surprise myself, who knows?  It is likely the last time I see the fab Big D, as he is off to Brazil to be part of the World Championships.  I will not have the benefit of his wise counsel, endless encouragement and horrendously bad puns for about three weeks.

My plan is to practice like mad while he is gone and dazzle him with my progress when he gets back.

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