Keep It Simple, Skater

Big D, the Best Coach Ever, has given me specific items to work on before class on Saturday.  Skating backwards on one foot, one-foot Mohawks, shifting from an inside to outside edge and figure push-offs.

Does it sound like a lot?  It is….and it isn’t. I have been thinking about them and have realized that they all boil down to one stupidly simple thing I have to work on. I just have to get totally comfortable  skating on one skate.  That’s all. Easy peasy. Sort of. Maybe.

Right now I am cool with being on one skate while moving or dancing.  Yeah. I can glide like nobody’s bizness on either skate AS LONG AS I AM MOVING.  Our old friend, gyroscopic forces, make it easy to stay on top of your skate while you are zipping around. Once I slow way down and balance becomes the all-important thing, I start wobbling and before I know it and in spite of the voice in my head shouting “Don’t put your foot down! Don’t put it down, I said!”  I put my other skate down.  Once you put your other skate down, baby, you aren’t skating on one leg anymore, ARE YOU.

So, today my goal is to keep skating on each leg until I can reliably glide to a full stop while still one one skate.  Simple.  Can I do it? I plan to  work on it until I get it. It’s me or the one-leg-glide.  Two enter the rink, only one leaves. And the one that leaves better be able to swan about on one skate like a freaking pro.

So it’s simple… and it’s not. Once I get this one skill down, all the other things I need to practice will be one quazillion times easier.   It’s worth the effort to learn this one simple skill, because it is part of so many other cooler and more complex skills.  I will give the full report on how it goes tomorrow.

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