This Is How They Get Ya

I was at the rink yesterday, practicing turns and taking note of my tiny bit of progress for the week and I suddenly thought “You know, I should really practice at least four times a week.  Or maybe five, if I include class with Big D.”  Uh oh.

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2 Responses to This Is How They Get Ya

  1. katy KMA says:

    YEP that is how they get you. I started with Saturday morning lessons. Then a friend said “Hey a bunch of us skate Monday nights; wanna come?” Sure I said, then I added Wednesday and Sunday nights because the same crowd skated those. Thursday had a nice quiet session so of course I added that one too. THEN the dodo that I am started speed skating also Yep I added Sunday morning and Tuesday night. YIKES, Really the only day I don’t skate is Friday. And sometimes I go that day too.

    Just give in and go.


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