My New Crush

So, I was practicing yesterday and I saw someone I will have to describe as my new crush.  I will call her Flora, because her practice dress had flowers all over it.  Flora was all kinds of fantastic.  She looked to be, I dunno, in her 40s and had on no make-up to speak of and her blonde hair in a ponytail, but still  looked put-together. And she had the kind of body you always secretly hope you will end up with when you take up a sport– shapely, strong and graceful.

She had such a serene presence on the rink. Part of this was her effortless  posture.  When I stand up straight, I think it’s pretty obvious that the voice in my brain is hissing “Shoulders back! Long neck! I said shoulders BACK, dammit.” Flora seemed born to stand tall and looked as if she couldn’t scrunch up if she tried.

And her moves!  Holy moly.   As I worked on balancing on one leg for as long as I could while trying to keep my lifted leg straight behind me (and not succeeding all that well, in all honesty), she flew around the rink doing complicated dances which I don’t even know the NAMES of yet.  She looked as if she was in control of every step she made, which is what we all want,  but her technique never got in the way of her actually DANCING them as well.  And the whole time she didn’t even look like she was trying. It was honestly beautiful. Can you blame me for having a huge talent crush right now?

Thanks, Flora, not only for being lovely to watch but for showing me so clearly what I am working for.

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