Mad Skillz

I had a long practice on Thursday and class today.  Thursday’s revelation was my Mohawk Turn.  I was working on my figure, especially pushing off onto on outside edge (you remember what that is, right?) .  Can I just say that I sucked? Because I did.  I kept at it, so I got to suck over and over and over again.

After about 30 minutes of this, I thought, as a refreshing break from being bad in figures, I’ll go and work on my Mohawk turns and be bad  in an excitingly different way.  I went to do a turn and, well, I don’t know how to say this, but, um,  I  did it pretty well.  YES, THAT IS WHAT HAPPENED, BEEYOTCHES, I DID A MOHAWK TURN CORRECTLY. What is this world coming to?

So, I can now do a Mohawk Turn to the left.    I have to practice going to my right, which I still can’t do well.

And Big D worked with me on my figures this morning and helped me pinpoint exactly what I was doing wrong, so I now know what to work on at practice.  For the record, My Loyal Readers, if you want to skate a curve to your right, it isn’t enough to have your skating leg pushing onto the outside edge.  No, you have to make sure your left hip is higher than your right and faced totally forward.   Thank the roller skating gods for wise coaches who know just how to pinpoint a problem and give you a way to attack it.

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5 Responses to Mad Skillz

  1. katy KMA says:

    Coaches are great once you understand each other. I finally told my coach that I needed to hear what looks good once in a while. She and my dance partner have this annoying habit of telling me what to work on, but never that something is looking better. It is very discouraging.

    Congrats on the mohawk. Being me I do to the right better then to the left. Because I just cant be normal. But I practice and practice and I almost dont suck at it the other way. I just wish it was tighter.

  2. Yeah, you need to know what is correct, not just so you know you’ve nailed it so you can recreate it, but just because it’s just good to hear!

  3. Lisa says:

    Dirty Deborah Harry said in a class at RollerCon that it’s not “I can’t do it!” It’s “I can’t do it, YET!” and that eventually, it’ll happen with enough practice! I am also shit at Mohawk turns and want to perfect them badly!

    I wish I could come skate with you!

  4. I can’t do it YET–I love that and it is now my new rink mantra! As to skating together–let’s just say we can’t do it….yet.

  5. Dani says:

    YES, THAT IS WHAT HAPPENED, BEEYOTCHES, I DID A MOHAWK TURN CORRECTLY. = amazing!!!! Thank you for putting a smile on my face! ❤ and CONGRATULATIONS!

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