Columbus Day Resolution

Yesterday, I had a great morning skate.  I learned a new thing and shocked myself by doing some other stuff way better than I expected.  When I left, I was feeling fabulous BECAUSE I RULED THE RINK and I was looking forward to going back in this morning to continue my awesomeness.

I then spent a chunk of the afternoon weeding the front yard, including puling out a bunch of suckers which grew off of our big agave.  Like an evil alien, it sends out these underground runners, which then pop up all over the joint to try to turn into baby agaves.  They can raise their pointy heads as far as three feet away from the mothership and require a LOT of strength to pull out.

I woke up this morning sore and tired and I thought, “I can go to the rink tomorrow after work.” When I voiced this to Mr. Red, he looked at me with a mildly inquiring expression, but his eyes said “Really? Not going? Nothing will shake my deep love for you, but I feel I must point out that I see you for who you really are and you are the laziest woman who has ever lived.” At least, that’s what I felt his eyes said.  If you asked him, they might just have been saying, “Really? Okay. ” but I know what I saw.

So, I went to the rink.  And I had a great time. The thing is, well, I am lazy. Usually, the idea of NOT doing something is way more enticing than actually doing something. Especially doing something right this minute, when I am already comfortably ensconced on the couch, with my laptop open and my Diet Doctor Pepper situated near at hand. I tend to think I have all the time in the world, and can do all the stuff I want…later.  I do get things done, but I often put them off for no reason other than the aforementioned couch-laptop-Diet-Dr-Pepper nexus.  Entropy is my enemy.

So, this morning, driving back from my morning skate, still feeling sore and tired, but also feeling accomplished and happy, I  made a resolution that I when I decide to do something, I will then simply do it.  When I find myself saying “It’s been a long day at work, I will go to the rink tomorrow instead,” I won’t put it off. I will go now.  Not tomorrow, now.  Now.

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2 Responses to Columbus Day Resolution

  1. That inquiring expression you saw in my eyes was actually the faint flicker of recognition. I had not yet had my coffee, and I wasn’t quite sure who you were.

  2. L. Crampton says:

    Excellent way to live, Red!

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