Practice Makes…

At practice yesterday, I worked a lot on baby steps.  These are things I need to learn to do, just so I can then learn to do the things I actually want to do.

  • Until I learn to skate comfortably backwards on one foot, I won’t be able to really do turns.
  • Until I learn to skate on my right outside edge, I won’t be able to kick ass on the first figures I will be competing with.
  • Until I learn to get my back foot in the right position without looking down at it while going INCREDIBLY slowly and hanging on the wall like an ancient crone, I won’t be able to do a backwards crossover.

So that’s what I worked on. I can see where I want to be so clearly, but there is this nasty “not-being-able-to-do-these-necessary-basics” demon  standing in my way. I hate that demon, if you want to know the truth.  That demon makes me feel like a dope. I want that demon gone.

I am going to practice it to death.

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3 Responses to Practice Makes…

  1. L. Crampton says:

    Maybe you’re related to Buffy? Go, Slayer, go Slayer!

  2. katy KMA says:

    My nemesis is the 3 turn. Hours and HOURS and it still is a squashed thing, and my partner says “what the hell is that?” Finally after about 6 months I had a break through at a session with a derby coach/friend cajoling me into it. We shall see if I can still kinda do it.

    Don’t worry about the crossovers, they will come just practice and practice and practice. Skate a session backwards, have someone video tape you.


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