Crossing Over

Way back, several weeks ago, I was a naive young fool, happy and carefree.  I thought I pretty much understood crossovers.  I could reliably cross my left skate over my right, and somewhat less reliably do it the other way.  I laugh bitterly at that deluded sense of accomplishment now.

Today, we started work on backwards crossovers. You lift one skate and move it behind AND ON THE OUTSIDE of the other skate. You can see some (along with front crossovers) here.   There’s no music, so don’t think you are suddenly losing your hearing.

It involves moving your leg in a completely unnatural manner. You glide on one skate and cross the free leg behind, toe pointed.  So far, so good. Then you move the back knee right behind the other while at the same time flexing your foot so you keep the toe of your skate up and slightly facing out. Did I mention that you have to do all this in about half a second? If you don’t, the wheels of your skates will catch, stop moving, and you will fall down.  This did not happen to me today, but I can clearly see that it’s only a matter of time.

Skating, it sure makes life interesting.

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One Response to Crossing Over

  1. L. Crampton says:

    Darn. Ok? Just, darn.

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