Sum of Its Parts

I spend time on a great site called Skatelog Forum, where  skaters of all types congregate.  Under people’s names, you will often see info like this:

Riedell 297, Roll-line Varient M, Grease, fo-mac/fame

Harlick Custom, Roll-line Giotto, Roll-line 49 Magnum

BONT Semi Race, 100mm, Atom Whip xtra-firm

Each of these phrases describes a skate.  See, real skaters don’t buy a skate all in one piece.  They buy the boots from one maker, the plate (#1 in the handy diagram) from another, trucks (the parts which attach the wheels to the plate) at another and wheels at yet another place.  And I am not even mentioning the types of bearings INSIDE the wheels.

Some skaters spend time (and money-don’t forget money!) getting one pair of perfect skates. The cozy custom-made boots with just the right amount of support, the trucks of just the right length and the wheels of the perfect hardness. Other skaters have skates “set up” for different things, like speed or figures or freestyle. Some skaters grind down their own wheels or use aluminum milling machines to create their own custom plates.

Skaters obsess about this stuff for a reason. Changing wheels or trucks can make big changes to how a skate works.  Skates can get more “turny” or  more slippery or faster or a million other tiny differences in responsiveness, and these differences  change how well the skater performs.

Some lame-ass skaters have no idea how to make their way though all these choices.  These dopes don’t know how to pick and don’t want to spend  lots of money trying and discarding different choices like goldilocks.  These clueless twerps just ask the pro at their rink to make a skate for them, and he puts together some vintage black Hyde boy’s  boots from the ’80s , a roll-line giotto plate and bones wheels… not an expensive skate, but I dig them.

Of course, I am already dreaming of my NEXT pair.  Maybe Harlick boots with those new Sure Grip plates.  Hmmm.


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5 Responses to Sum of Its Parts

  1. I approve of any hobby that has gear. By the way, I just bought some new in-helmet speakers for my next road trip.

  2. katy KMA says:

    Image my surprise to read this and see you quoted my skates. LOL too funny. I love all of my skates these are just the ones that fit on the signature line. I also have derby skates, brand new Harlick dance skates with mariner cup plates, 2 pairs of ice skates (one from 1932, and one I bought in August), really old chicago skates, it goes on…

  3. Anonymous says:

    I just got a new set of Giotto plates – those things are awesome! Really liking them for figures.

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