So Graceful

I am so pleased to show you this waltz performance sent to me by the talented and thoughtful Reader of Red and longtime artistic roller skater, Rick.  The video was taken by the husband of Rick’s skate partner, Joan, so you get to see a lot of their skill. Dancing on roller skates allows you to truly glide around the floor like magic. Pretty, huh?

The better you are at skating, the more supremely effortless you make the magic look.  Watching Rick and Joan dance, it appears smooth and easy–look at them twirl around, changing directions as a couple, with no hesitation.   Take it from me, that stuff is HARD– and doing it in perfect sync with a partner is even harder. Shifting weight and direction, dancing the same curve on the floor as your partner, moving with the music; none of it is easy.

Thanks, Rick and Joan, for making the magic and for making it look easy.

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5 Responses to So Graceful

  1. Sara says:

    Red, that was so cool! I have never been much a a skater (more blades than skates), but I’ve always been jealous of people like you (and your lovely friends in the video) who can skate effortlessly. They definitely have a lot of skill (it shows!) and poise.
    I love readying your posts! Keep up the awesome work!

  2. L. Crampton says:

    Ah, graceful indeed! So lovely. I’m both amazed to discover a world of roller skating still existing in this goofy modern era, and grateful. Thank you.

  3. Rick Donaldson says:

    Dear Red, been so busy lately with day and weekend jobs, have not had time to use the computer for much, and thanks for the nice words about our part in the program. don’t know if we’ll do a show this year, but i’m in if we do one. just sent to skatelog for posting privledges today, so i’ll be able to communicate there as well; keep working and if you have anything you just can’t get , just ask , i’ll try to help , rick

    • I got a lot of comments about your program–people definitely loved it.

      • Rick Donaldson says:

        Well, thanks everyone, but I would be remiss if I didn’t identify everyone else in our little skit. First out: Tim Gordon and Emily Clark, 2nd: Tim Yanko and Mary Nendza(coach, seamstress,choreographer, den mother for the whole show), Joan and I, 4th:Dennis Nendza (Mary’s husband) and Krista Suttles, 5th:Dan Hild and Lisa Eikenberg, and Bill and Holly Scott. I also need to mention that exept for me, everyone in that routine is a national champ in one or more events.

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