I bought a banana

Doing one healthy thing can affect your life in all kinds of ways.  Since I am a person who devoutly believes chocolate is one of the four basic food groups, eating in a healthy way does not come naturally to me. I am a grown-up rational person, but I still find myself wistfully wondering why Diet Dr. Pepper and a cupcake is not a complete meal and hoping they will someday discover a valid nutritional reason why no one has to eat greens (especially spinach, the Scourge of Mealtime).

I stopped at the store on the way to work this morning and instead of getting a candy bar, I got a banana.  I thought, this will be good to have in the afternoon, since I am practicing after work.  Skating makes me want healthier food.  It doesn’t make me feel as if I “should” eat healthier, it makes me actually eat healthier.

I want to do well out there, and I need my body to be in good shape to do that.  The better I feel, the more I can do.  The more I can do, the more fun I have.  The more fun I have, well, the more fun I have, right?

Skating–it’s good and good for you!

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2 Responses to I bought a banana

  1. Yay! That’s so rad! I tend to eat healthier when I exercise on a regular basis too.

  2. L. Crampton says:

    Mangoes are sloppy (best eaten on the patio, with drip-mediation close at hand), but sooooo refreshing on hot days. I’ve been making cold slaw like it is going out of style or something, and am unhappy without a big dish of it for lunch or dinner. Yaaay, Robin!

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