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Small Pleasures

You may not like cute videos. You may not like babies. You may even not like roller skating. But I DARE YOU not to like this: Advertisements

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In Which Cheating Is A Very Good Thing

As devoted readers of this blog will know, skating backwards and Mohawk turns are two of my biggest challenges.  And anyone who has ever worked in the academic field knows “biggest challenge” means “something I suck at,” so you can … Continue reading

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Sum of Its Parts

I spend time on a great site called Skatelog Forum, where  skaters of all types congregate.  Under people’s names, you will often see info like this: Riedell 297, Roll-line Varient M, Grease, fo-mac/fame Harlick Custom, Roll-line Giotto, Roll-line 49 Magnum … Continue reading

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So Graceful

I am so pleased to show you this waltz performance sent to me by the talented and thoughtful Reader of Red and longtime artistic roller skater, Rick.  The video was taken by the husband of Rick’s skate partner, Joan, so … Continue reading

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I Pity The Fool

Had to duck out of class early today due to feeling sickly.  But I learned something vitally important anyway, something I will share with you now:  IF YOU ARE GOING TO BE SKATING FOR AN HOUR FIRST THING IN  THE … Continue reading

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Not About Skating, Really

Technology did NOT make my life easier last night.  Since Mr. Red is off  riding a brand-new Harley Elctraglide through stunning scenery working hard on journalism in Washington state this week,  we were going to miss out on one of … Continue reading

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I Totally Dig These Two

Got two minutes? Prepare to be delighted: I am working on adding a modicum of grace to my crossovers and I will think about Ginger Rogers while I am at the rink on Thursday.  That’s gotta help, don’t you think?

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