DIY Rink

Mr. Red is an auto journalist.  This means he sometimes has to go to exotic locales in order to eat expensive food and schmooze with other writers drive and review new cars and motorcycles.  That explains why this week he is on a week-long motorcycle trip through Canada.  He writes about motorcycles here with great skill and panache.

This is very cool and all and I am way wicked proud of Mr. Red, but it means someone has to hang with our doggies and pay homage to our cats.  When work-at-home Mr. Red is off having fun driving cool bikes through gorgeous scenery doing serious journalism, that means I have to do all petcare after leaving them at home all day.   In order to get the needed walks and belly-scratches delivered properly, I just don’t have time to go to the rink after work.

We do have smooth,  pre-war, hardwood floors in our house and I have been gazing at them speculatively.   I mean, they LOOK like rink floors.  They could BE rink floors, if it was a really tiny rink. See where I’m going with this?  The only problem is that, with a complete lack of foresight, we have cluttered up those lovely floors with a lot of tables and chairs and things.  This so-called “furniture”  is a huge obstacle for my skating needs. What to do, what to do?

Then I think, hey,  the hallway doesn’t have any furniture….

It isn’t a big hallway, but it should work for practicing crossovers. And I think I have enough room in the kitchen to practice mohawk turns, if I do them in place.

I’ll let you know tomorrow how this all works out.

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