I Am Covetous

Take a look at this video and guess what I really, REALLY want from it:

Not the starring role in a classic movie. Not the pretty stripey dresses.  Not Streisand’s amazing singing voice.

I want those  fantastic, gorgeous and totally scrumptious green skates.

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2 Responses to I Am Covetous

  1. Anonymous says:

    Ironically, that Barbara Streisand costume was sold at “Debbie Reynolds: The Auction” in June of this year (her costume only included the dress and the hat). They also sold a set of 5 background skaters costumes which did include 4 sets of the green skates. You can actually download a PDF here:


    And admire them in high-def glory on page 282. Indeed, I like the green skates as well. Though I think I would rather get some in blue…

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