My knees are sore.  They kinda have to be, because skating requires you keep a bent-knee stance the whole time and unless you normally walk around in a crouch (Hey, I don’t know your life), it takes time to get the strength to hold that position comfortably. I am not in pain or anything, I simply feel sore when I get out of a chair or walk downstairs or do anything which requires using whatever those muscles are all up in that whole knee zone. So, pretty much when I am, well, moving around in any way whatsoever. Like that.

I know that once I get those muscles get built up, I then have to work on skating on one leg for longer periods while holding my free leg behind me extended and perfectly straight.  And, guess what? That will make a whole new sets of muscles (Hey there, quads and glutes, you’re next)  sore.

Here is something I, as a non-sports kinda person, went through a good chunk of my life not knowing.  Being in a sport means you are going to be sore MOST OF THE TIME.  I used to feel bad when I got sore after a long hike or a dance class or whatever and think that meant I did too much. I felt it was a stop sign, when it was just a response to new demands.  I always thought the goal in life was to be comfortable and unsore, but I was wrong.  The only way to stay comfortable is to keep doing what you already do forever and never try to master new stuff and who wants that?

If you are not sore, it means you are not pushing yourself to get better. Soreness equals change.  Soreness equals new skills. Soreness equals progress. Soreness rules.


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One Response to Ouch

  1. L. Crampton says:

    My favorite remedy for soreness is a homeopathic tablet called ‘Traumeel’–made by HEEL, available at many mainstream drug stores these days. There’s also a creme or gel form of it to go right on affected muscles joints (use sparingly–a little goes a long way). Since it is homeopathic, it doesn’t affect your stomach or liver like the nsaids do, and works great. If I’m being super active (like going to a Zumba class, for example), I take a tablet either within a few hours of the class or at bedtime. Voila, no soreness! So glad you’re progressing!!

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