All To Myself

Last Saturday, working on the Glide Waltz with Big D

I went to practice after work yesterday and, after the first 15 minutes, I was the only one on the rink. Sweet. The Nationals are in early August and just finished.  Skaters train all year to compete there, so many skaters take these weeks off.  That, and the rink doesn’t turn on AV for us club skaters, so it’s HOT out there.

I practiced figures–gliding around a set pattern on one leg.  Report: My left leg is my BFF and I am a goddess of figures and will have this down in no time.  Sadly, my right leg is apparently my mortal enemy and seems to belong to some other, MUCH clumsier person.

My coach, Big D, was there waiting for another student, and he turned on the Glide Waltz music for me.  I waltzed around the rink muttering under my breath “step, chasee, step and gliiide.”  I messed up several times, but all those dance classes when growing up mean I can pretty much  keep the shape of the dance in my head and get back into place when I do.  Big D tells me a lot of skaters make a mistake and then just freeze up, so go me and my mad skillz.  It’s the first dance…and I almost have it down!

It is rare to have the whole rink to myself and I dug the hell out of it.

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