What My House Did This Weekend

We were out of the house most of the day yesterday, so the production team on Husbands could make cool stuff happen.  Our animals were still there, though.  Our two dogs were excellent and hung out in the yard all day, ably assisting the crew by letting them pet them whenever they wanted.  Layla forgot her manners in an incident involving the craft service table and a chicken skewer, but we shall speak no more of that here.

We came back for the last couple of hours and I got to watch some shooting, which was great fun.  The cast is not only talented and scarily attractive, they were all kind and easy to chat to.  Nothing cuter than watching tiny, gorgeous Alessandra Torresani, in full make-up and sky-high heels, geeking out with Mr. Red about cars. The crew were efficient and fab as tech peeps tend to be.

I also got to relive my first theater job, where I handled the cat, Pyewacket.  http://wp.me/p1K1ac-R I n this case, I hung out with our own kitty, Zorro.  You will find out all you need to know about our two cats when I tell you that Squeaky Fromme took to being locked in the bathroom away from all the people all day as no problem since A. she had food and B. they were strangers, so who needs ’em?  Zorro, on the other hand, was VERY UPSET that he could not do his usual genial hosting duties of sitting on guests’ laps, purring at them and/or kissing them, and he made his feelings known.  Vocally and repeatedly.

I took him in the office with me and he got to spend time sitting on my lap purring at me and kissing me, which made him very happy.

More on skating tomorrow. I promise!

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