Hey, I Got a Good Reason

Although I skated today–had class, as matter of fact, and video was taken–I am not posting about it.  Why? Well, since you ask so nicely, I’ll tell you.

Our house is being used for filming for Husbands, as I mentioned here, and it all went down today.  The place was full of equipment and actors and a director and sound and camera peeps all day and they are all coming back tomorrow at 7:00am.  There are cameras and big lights on stands and mysterious technical-looking boxes everywhere you look. There is a big table for craft services in my backyard and a rack of costumes in my kitchen.

It is very discombobulating to have 30 strangers  moving stuff around in your house. There really was no room to sit or  without getting in the way. However, it was all worth it to help out a great friend…and to sit on my bed putting on shoes and hear  the director call “Action” just down the hall.




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2 Responses to Hey, I Got a Good Reason

  1. L. Crampton says:

    Hey, you skated, and that’s what you set out to do. Hope the ‘Husbands’ shooting goes well and that you get your beautiful home back shortly!

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