My House Is Famous

Not only was my house on TV when Mr. Red and I had our front yard redone on the late-lamented HGTV program Hammerheads, a new show is going to be filming there this weekend.  It’s called Husbands and it was written by my insanely talented friend Jane Espenson and the equally awesome Cheeks. My house is playing the role of Cheeks’ house in this hilarious web series about gay marriage.   Check out the series’ site:

While you’re at it–check out this site about Jane, and Cheeks’ own blog.  Why should I take my precious time and go to these sites, you might ask? Because they are fabulous.  IS there any other reason?  I think not.

I will miss the beginning of the shoot on Saturday because I will be at the rink (gotta have priorities, folks) but I’ll be there later.  I will post some making-of pix in here because that kinda stuff is way cool, yo.


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2 Responses to My House Is Famous

  1. xof1013 says:

    I’m enjoying the behind the scenes look and details we’re getting on this project. Thank you for sharing with us. And for the plug for and Cheeks and Jane! 🙂

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