My Brain on Skates

Here is my brain while zipping around the rink when I first got there today:

Oh, boy! Check out how fast I’m going. Bend the knees.  I am a vision of speed and grace. Whee!  I’m gliding on one leg like a freaking champ right now.  Bend knees. Yes!  Fear me and my skate mojo.   This is so much fun.  Knees. Fun. Knees. Fun!

This is my brain while trying to go backwards today:

What the hell am I doing?  Danger! Weight on your heels.  Bend the knees, for god’s sake.  I’m gonna tip over!  Heels!  Danger Will Robinson.  Knees!  Tipping. Tipping the other way. Stop flailing your arms, doofus!  I’m going backwards, please someone help me for the love of god.  I DON’T KNOW HOW TO STOP.

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